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    Default Looking for buddies for the next two month!!


    I will be living in the High Springs area until August 30th. I am looking for Dive buddies to dive with basically every day for the next two months.

    On the weekends I will be available to dive with basically all day. On week days I will be looking for people to dive with at around 5PM.

    Looking to Meet a lot of new people. I'm an apprentice diver, looking for people to toon me up real good in the science and art of cave diving!!

    peace y'all,


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    If you're diving this Saturday, I'll be at ginnie on the morning and I'm looking for a buddy for peacock in the afternoon. Send me a message and we can work out the timing.

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    Im in Gainesville and up to dive at least a few times a week! I'm free tomorrow if your up to go.

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    Still need buddies?

    Brendan's Law - "Know what you're breathing. Analyze your gas for O2 and Co. Analyze your gas each time, everytime, anywhere."


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