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    Default Cav/Intro needs buddy

    Need buddy for Peacock, Jinny, Manatee or anywhere within 2 hours of JACKSOf JACKSONVILLE. Prefer experienced diver.

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    I’ll be down this coming weekend. It will be a friend and my self. He is intro, I’m full Cave. We planned on diving Ginnie Saturday morning and Peacock that evening your welcome to join in.

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    I to am looking for a buddy. I'm over in lake City. I have over a 100 cave dives, 250? total. I have also dove in many of the common sites around my area. Let me know if you want to dive sometime. Pm me if you want.

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    I'm full cave and live in Baker county. I'm generally free during the week and some weekends. I have no problems diving at any level.

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    Wow, didn’t expect so many interested. Thanks and I’ll be calling

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    you interested in a Saturday morn dive, don't care where. Feel free to call me at 904 422-8571

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    I live in jacksonville and dive at the full cave level most every weekend. id love to help you get comfortable in the caves !


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