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    Thumbs down lil river springs

    how is the spring ? is the river overflowed i to the spring headed there tommorrow
    to dive . thanks everyone on the reply

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    Default Little River was fine Friday 15 June

    Presume you mean Little River spring, near O'Brien. If not, ignore my post.

    Dove it Friday. At 8:30 am, spring basin was fully tannic, no boil, although the cave was clear starting at the entrance. By late morning, clear water reached the surface, so there was a gin clear spot mid-basin with small boil surrounded by tannic water.

    Flow was low enough that running a line wasn't a challenge even for newly-trained cavern divers. You could swim upstream, rather than pull and pull and pull and pull.

    Viz in cave was great, despite lots of cave divers that day.

    Be aware that the water is slightly deeper, so you'll accrue deco faster than usual. I hit 98' just past the Chimney.

    Your biggest challenge may be locals at their swimming hole who want to ask questions about diving as you're trying to get into the water or out of your gear.

    Enjoy your dive. Let us know about it.

    - Sid

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    Condition reports are GREATLY appreciated - http://www.caveatlas.com/systems/sys...53&co=US&tab=3

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    Dove Little River today. Run is still tanic until the main (brick) stairs and then it clears up back to the wood stairs near the parking lot.
    Cavern is clearing and fully clear at 20' (depth of the rebar tie in). Flow was low and manageable but evident. I had a great time scootering first to the breakdown area and then back around, jumping off and swimming a nice ways down the Harper tunnel. Lots of swimmer, but I didn't meet up with any other divers.


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