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    Several of my plastic face ones leaked when left as safeties. They were actually filled with water. You can remove the face easily (it is kept in place by an o ring, nothing else), dry them, then relube and reinstall the face. I usually heat the spg lightly with a heat gun so there isn?t too much pressure behind the face when it cools down. Then I put them in a vise or a clamp for a few days and they?re back to normal. The scratches on the face don?t really matter much under water unless really bad. The glass ones are nicer but heavier on your hose if sidemounting with a 9 in hose. I think white face is the best, then orange and lastly black. But you need to try them out see what works for you.

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    ummm... the return rate on the 1.5" plastic face for me is lower than the 2" brass and glass and to the post that said some are made in taiwan..only ones I know are in market in NA are the small button gauges.

    But whatever

    Chris Richardson

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    The ones with the white face are easiest to read, I still prefer the black face as it doesnt mess up night vision. I've had zero issues with the plastic slim ones and use a mix of those and brass glass on my stages / deco bottles. I use a small brass and glass for my rig.

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    As mine leak I’m replacing them with 1.5” glass ones. Tired of fooling around with spgs full of water

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    The slim 1.5 plastic ones are all I use on any of my tanks. I have never had a single issue with a single one of them. The lens will get scratched up and a buffing will even repair that.

    I did swap out for brass and glass before my really deep dive just as a safety concern against implosions, then removed them entirely prior to the dive for even more safety.

    Oh wait, I did have to replace one when it would not return to zero and was not accurate when trying to verify the psi reading. Still not to bad for over 15 years of using them.

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    I find it humorous when people choose to have Dive Rite gauges over hog gauges or some similar comparison... When all of these are made essentially by the same company just with different decals or faceplates. Of course color can always be a preference. I personally like white face gauges as I find them easier to read in the darkness of the cave since they will catch a little bit of the peripheral light and glow easier without having to fully immerse them in my primary light beam to get them to glow like the black ones do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FW View Post
    I have seen identical gauges on the same tank with readings 500 psi apart.

    I also agree brass and glass make the best SPGs
    Quote Originally Posted by Silverhippi View Post
    500 PSI is no small matter!!!
    I agree, and I just wish somebody sold gauges in matched pairs for sidemount use. I asked dive gear express, and they said it was too labor intensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shellmoundal View Post
    When was the last time any of us have calibrated our PCG's?
    We did annual gauge cals on all SPGs in the Navy


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