Shortly after completing the full cave course in North Florida, I moved to Montana and spent a little over two years hiking, hunting, snowmobiling, off-roading, long range shooting, etc. while my fins collected dust back East. Recently, we found a gorgeous mountain property in Western North Carolina, settled there, and I thought that it was time to hang up the fins for good.

While selling my tanks, fond memories of cave country were rekindled by PMs like "Will send money tonight, getting ready for a dive at Peacock" and I thought there's gotta be another way.

Well, the PDRA quarry at Lake Norman, NC is about an hour away from our house. In there are a lot of submerged attractions where lines could be laid and emergency procedures be practiced. There will be silt, possibly with some confinement.

If I can find someone who wants to practice/train seriously with me there, then I could justify a few trips to cave country each year because I would not need to spend most of the time on getting back to where I left off before. Spending a day or two with a cave instructor for a brush-up would probably be sufficient in that case.

Please PM if interested.