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    Default Peacock or Little River 6-16-18 or 6-17-18

    Going to be in North Florida this coming weekend and would like to get in a couple of cave dives before I have to head back north.... Pretty open on where, but fixed on when.

    Any one going to be in the area and want to dive?



    Why yes that was me in shorts and a t-shirt @ the 700' marker

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    I'm thinking about doing some cave dives the weekend of June 16-17 and would like to have a buddy. I'm full cave, Abe Davis and very familiar with the tourist caves of North Florida.

    Ed Jackson
    813 679 5558

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    I am looking to dive Peacock or Little River on the 19th if you will still be around.

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    Sadly I have to head back to Nashville on the 18th...

    Why yes that was me in shorts and a t-shirt @ the 700' marker

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    Call me next time you want to dive the caves on a weekend. I'll bring my camera and get some good pictures on low pressure dives.

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    As always, CDF is a great resource.... Have made connections for both Saturday and Sunday.... Thank you everyone...

    Why yes that was me in shorts and a t-shirt @ the 700' marker


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