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    Default Not Scorpion Spring - Video

    In 1991, I had helped explore a spring with Hal Davis. We had a total of 1050 ft of line in the cave which ended in a fork. Both forks were small. We were using back mounted 104's and would need side mounts to go any further. We never did return. I finally got permission from the owner of the property after a year of negotiation to explore the springs on his property and video them, but only if I don't release the location of his springs.

    One of the springs that I wanted to return to and video as well as continue the exploration was the spring that Hal and I had explored. We had named it Scorpion Spring because our last dive there Hal got stung by a scorpion that was hiding in his hood when he put it on. We waited 30 minutes to make sure he didn't have a reaction. No reaction, dive was on and we laid about 200 ft of line on that last dive for a total of 1050 ft of line.

    So on June 4, 2018, Tracy Niesent and I set out with my canoe to video the cave and hopefully add some more line in one of the forks at the end of mine and Hal's old line. Upon canoeing up to the spring the area looked familiar, so I thought I was at Scorpion Spring, but 27 years later it's hard to be sure. Easy to confuse since there are a few springs on the property. When Tracy and I dived it, it only took about 10-12 minutes to reach the end of the line. Once there the area looked familiar since the line ended at a fork in the tunnel with both the left and right side mount leads unexplored. But something didn't seem right. It was only 207 feet to the end of the line. Whereas the spring I was looking for was 1050 ft back to the end of the line. I was wondering, who put this line in here? This isn't Scorpion Spring.

    Anyway, upon reaching the end of the line (around the 6 min mark in the video) I handed Tracy my reel with about 400 ft of line on it. She tied in and started adding line in the right fork while I followed videoing her. The new tunnel was much smaller than the main tunnel and very muddy/silty. We also had pieces of limestone fall on us as we moved through the tunnel as you can see in this video. The video ends at the point Tracy emptied the reel and tied off the new end of the line for this yet un-named spring.

    Here's the link to the video:

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    Brilliant & Amazing.....The mark of a true explorer....Thank you Guy ! I love your videos......I miss diving


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    Nice video

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    Nice video, Thanks for sharing

    Jeff Rouse
    Chicago, IL


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