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    Thanks for sharing, glad you are okay

    "Not all change is improvement...but all improvement is change" Donald Berwick

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    Thanks for sharing the close call.

    I use an analyzer with an orifice on the male fitting of a wing or drysuit inflator and rigged up a regulator with a short SPG and an inflator hose. This reg is for testing tanks after filling, checking stages on the dive site, and reinvigorating flat tires with an adapter. It can also serve as a spare if another first stage acts up.

    All tanks get marked after filling with pressure and analysis but no date on a piece of masking(!) tape. That makes it easier to grab the right tanks.

    Backgas is checked by connecting the analyzer to the drysuit hose and letting the numbers stabilize while straightening out the kit. (Maybe I should analyse both posts but if the doubles would have been filled with the isolator closed that would become obvious at the first flow check). All other tanks get a pre-dive check with the regulator mentioned above.

    At the beginning of each dive we determine who buys the next dinner by finding the one who does not have a waterproof (e.g. ductape) label with analysis and current date on all of his/her tanks.


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