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    Default Good side mount BC for both florida steel tank diving and the occasional mexico trip

    Looking into getting a sidemount BC for diving with steels and stages but also want something that will work well with aluminum 80's

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    Stealth is the current dual use winner.

    Cue the discussion that stealth sucks and the sales are only due to guerilla social media marketing.

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    you dive dry or wet? my Katana does pretty good with 85's or HP120's and a pair of stages in a drysuit. 121's start to push it, but it'll do it in a drysuit. Can do no stages with the 85's/120's in a wetsuit, but not the 121's. It works really well with AL bottles.

    Any of them will work with aluminum though so long as you have hip d-rings in the right spot on both sides. Have to move them down, but it's a non-issue

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    XDeep Stealth Tec or Rec depending on your lift requirements. Some dude on here by the name of Draker is now a dealer. I would PM him or Marissa and check them out.


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