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    Talking Gator !

    I want to hear the one about Woody's encounter at Kanapaha Gardens again.....Pleassssssssssssssssssse !

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmint View Post
    This bugs me. Alexander springs has gators and swimmers in eyeshot of each other. If a gator is over six feet and you call a trapper they have to kill it. If a gator can't be safe in a state park where can it be safe from humans??? Why does peacock have to remove them when other state parks don't???

    (prediction: Kelly will reply that the only other option is to close the park to diving -- except of course for fauna counts)
    Well... because of incidents like this...


    Don't get me wrong. Generally, I am for leaving wildlife alone. In this same 06 timeframe, I was hiking in Little Big Econ state park and saw what has to be the biggest wild gator I have ever seen. It was easily 10' and of very impressive girth. I watched it from the trail for a few minutes. Soon after a group with a couple small children ignored my warning and let the kids venture down to waters edge. This gators reaction was not the typical "avoid the annoying humans" movement to drop quickly under water as swim away. This big gator just very slowly slipped into the water and turned toward the opposite bank where these kids were at.

    ..yes this was a state park. Yes I would support "removal" of this gator if it might same the life of a child.

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    Thank You Kelly for keeping us updated.

    Jeff Rouse
    Chicago, IL

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    Hey they can relocate it to my back yard it will like the summers but the winters might be a little rough.....I live in MN

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    is it going to be relocated to some "wild" area, or to a nice pair of boots?

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    The state parks remove potentially dangerous animals in accordance with their Operations Manual. While the fact that a gator is in a swimming/diving area isn't cause for great alarm, the fact that they are being seen more frequently in P1 is a cause for caution and removal before they become a nuisance. With water levels in the spring being as low as they are and the influx of duckweed, they aren't hanging at P3 as they usually do, and there are more of them being seen. The park is being proactive in getting them relocated to other areas. They are not being terminated, but are being relocated in accordance with the Park & Rec's, and FWC guidelines concerning nuisance and exotic animals.

    Park Personnel don't enjoy having to move the animals or having to close swimming areas, they would prefer to let everyone live in their natural state. They remove animals in order to protect the visitors; whether they are divers, swimmers, or small children (who might potentially become gator bait) visiting the park with their families. Sometimes it's better to err on the side of caution and be proactive rather than reactive.

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    Gators aren't endangered, make it into boots and fried country food.

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    Maybe a hogwire fence across the run between P3 and the river would help? (similar to the one at Jug Hole that keeps canoers out of jug?)

    I say hog wire because that would let the babies through (like 2 footers) but keep the big gators out.

    Small gators actually look for refuges from cannibalistic big gators.

    Just thinking out loud, there may be an option though.

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    Default Alligator removal today P1 to P3-closed to diving

    Alexander Springs is managed by the federal government.

    Bill Oigarden
    Those who say it can't be done are always passed by those doing it!


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