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    Default The owner of Paradise Spring passes away

    Curt Chappelka owner of Paradise Springs passed away 17 May 2018. Come join us 3 June 2018 to celebrate his life. Hope to see you there.

    Red Sullivan
    (Dive within your training.)

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    Very sad to hear this. Anyone know what happened? I couldn't find any info at the Ocala paper or online.
    Our prayers are with his wife and son. A very nice fellow (and family) with many good memories of talks.

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    I have to work or I would be there. He was so nice. Bought my first cave light from him. Back in 98

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    Wish I could be there Sunday. Will be there in spirit.

    Curt and family were always great to me. Hate to see his passing. My first trip there in '99, thought I was lost after the barely-driven track through the woods and across the railroad crossing dead ended. At a mobile home -- the only thing around -- I knocked to ask directions to Paradise Springs. The big friendly guy who opened the door said, "You're here! Come on in!" Curt, of course. Watched the same video briefing (starring Curt) that my first timers still have to see. Amazing dive, as they've all been since. And the family are still as welcoming as ever.

    Will remember him every time I think of Paradise.

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    There was a good turn out for Curt. His family is grateful.

    Red Sullivan
    (Dive within your training.)


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