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    Default Little River June 1st

    Big difference in just two days! Yesterday, there was hardly any brown water over the entrance and the flow inside was almost zero. I always compare vis to what it was in the late 80s but those days are long gone. Still, all in all, not bad. Maybe 60ish or so.
    Different story today. Brown water covers the entrance, HOWEVER, you can still see the entrance. No need to tie off on the steps ( yet ) Vis and flow about the same. Looking at the NOAA river charts, it doesn't appear that the river is rising very fast, but still fast enough that the change was obvious in just 24 hours. For you hardcore guys, you will be probably be able to dive it thru the weekend. For you newly certified folks----go to Ginnie!

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    Hello, any new on little river conditions today ?

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    Dove it today, cavern is still clear. Surface has about 3 to 4 feet of dark water


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