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    Quote Originally Posted by mtherr View Post
    So many great souvenirs since I became a customer in 1994 (1 year after he opened).... sorry to see this ending so abruptly.

    It's really not abruptly, it's been coming down the pipelines for a few years.

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    I agree. But what I meant is we had fills there on Sunday and Tuesday with no sign that business was about to close... then on Thursday, Bill came to us after we backed our SUV on front of the tanks and simply said.. ?#it is closed. No more fills#?. Then we talked a little bit...

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    A LOT of great memories are associated with CE and Mr Bill, lots of great conversations and stories while sitting around while waiting for our fills. Learned a lot about compressors, about caves and local systems such as Telford (one of my longtime favorites!). Mr Bill is full of institutional knowledge that he was willing to share for the asking. The customer appreciation cookouts were all out of this world and full of camaraderie and most excellent food (and of course, awesome prizes) but best of all, there was Mr Bill and his ever present smile. We will all miss those times but like all great things, they do come to an end. Thank you Bill for all those years of smiles and knowledge shared. Best of luck and enjoy your retirement!

    Thank you!

    Celia Evesque

    "Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others."

    ''Life's tough, pilgrim, and it’s even tougher if you're stupid.''
    - John Wayne

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    Thank you Bill and Linda. Memories at your place will never go away.

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    Thank you Bill and Linda for all the great support to the community.

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    Wow, very happy to have met Bill and was able to spend some time with him and hear his stories. Enjoy your retirement it?s well deserved

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    Have a great life Bill and don't be a stranger.

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    Damn. So many great memories there. Bill and Linda are great and every time we come down, it a family get together. They have watched my daughters grow up. We have had so many great times together. Fair winds and following seas to Bill and Linda.
    OBTW, I have the two Russian dive watches that were in the case for years.

    "...some night, in the chill darkness, someone will make a mistake: The sea will show him no mercy." John T. Cunningham


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