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    Default Ginnie, to dive or not to dive ?

    Anyone have experience diving Ginnie the day before a Memorial weekend. Just wondering if the topside conditions will be too crazy to deal with, or is it calm before the storm ? Thinking of going in the morning, 5/25.

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    It was already getting stupid Wed afternoon. Go early while they are still sleeping/hungover.

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    I have been diving when things are really stupid, and yes things can get really stupid there. Just do your best to never leave ANY gear unattended. It gets easier if you have a non-diving friend with you.

    Plan your gearing up and trips to the water so that things are left unattended for the absolute minimum of time. Work those items out of the car, not off the bench. One diver will probably make a few more trips back and forth than the other. Reverse the process at the other end of the dive.

    In the run things will be very crowded and visibility will be very poor. In the cave you will probably find traffic to be light and the cave uncrowded. Most divers will want to avoid the nonsense on the surface and not go to Ginnie in the first place. Plan on leaving your deco bottles back near the Lips, not anywhere near the sign. Honestly I don't think the greater worry is about genuine theft, rather the uninformed will think the gear has been abandoned or lost and they will either claim the lost gear for themselves or they will ask around on the surface trying to find out who "forgot" it. If you are worried about this have notes already written letting others know that your reel, or cylinder, is not lost or abandoned but you are inside the cave and will need it when you exit. Leave those notes easily visible on your gear in the water.

    Plan on the office being very crowded, and be aware that you might not get a close parking place and the benches might be full of inner tubes and recreational diver gear.

    Just be patient, I have found that once inside the cave things are usually not bad at all. However, you should be prepared to find recreational divers past the signs. Heard them toward the exit but expect that they will head straight out and once your deco is finished they will be long gone.

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    My wife and i dive ginnie on memorial day weekend, 4th ot july, and other gnerally "crazy" days and almost always have the cave to ourselves and minimal topside issue. Dont listen to the naysayers. Its simple. Arrive at ginnie at 7:30-8 am, do one stage dive, and get out. You'll be happy. We've dove all major summer holidays for several years now. We also dive sundays in the summer. We do as above and never have complaints. Timing is the key

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    I went to Ginnie on a Memorial Day weekend 10 years or so ago. The Sheriff Dept had their mobile command post on location. When I asked a deputy, he said it was a "relatively quiet" holiday weekend for Ginnie, there had only been one fatal stabbing so far.

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    Thanks for the info. Sounds like parking in a bad neighborhood.
    Maybe I'll see how I feel when I wake up and decide. Maybe a better idea to put a pork butt on the smoker and stay home.

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    Hell no!!!

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    Some of the best diving I have done there has been on Memorial Day weekend. Get there when they open and get parked. Plan on being self sufficient if you want to do 2 dives- no gas fills, food etc, because once you leave you will be parking a long ways away. You will have the cave to yourself,unlike places like Peacock which will be packed, and between dives watch the show.

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    I was there on the 4th of July once. While I was swimming down the run, I could feel the kits walking on my tanks

    The cave was pretty empty though.

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    I'll second Forrest's comment. Plan on near zero viz in the run from Little Devils and plan on getting stepped on a time or two.

    You'll also need to ask people to move off the steps, but I've never had anyone get upset - they can see you're wearing or carrying heavy stuff.

    I'm also in agreement with Kelly. By nature of their hang overs they are not up and about in droves in the morning, and if you get there early, you can have the first dive underway before the crowds become an issue.

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