Love my Freedom and the best computer I have ever had! I have had the Oceanic data plus, data plus pro, NHeO2, several VR3's and a Liquivision XEO. I am getting older and my eyes are feeling the effect. I love that while diving you can press the top button and go from all the info. on the screen to less info displayed and another press and even less info which makes the info displayed much bigger. It a really a perfect size. I use the bungee setup. They did have some problems with their rebreather cables but they have ironed that out. I just have mine to monitor two of my four cells but I think that it can monitor up to three cells. As some has said, it does not only vibrate but gives you visual as well. You can buy the additional cable and it becomes an O2 analyzer.
What I do not care for is that my zip seals or moving my are sometimes presses the bottom button and turns off the display. I also do not care for the tilt to set gases, time, date, etc.