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    Discovering a green moray eel of similar stature had taken residency in the entrance of a SM passage I was intending to exit. He didn't seem to recall his cave training... did not yeld to the exiting team.

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    Three and a half foot long carp almost as big around as my dive buddy, 1000 feet back in Jackson Blue. My first thought was "is that a TARPON? WTH?"

    Tried to turn him around and swim him out, but he was determined to kill himself, and honestly I was a little afraid of him.

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    Decoing in the Eye with Jeano Beano during a holiday weekend, when I see a purple dildo dropping towards me. I reach up to get it but get flipped off by a college chick who dives down, grabs it, ahem reinserts said object, gets back in her tube and floats on down the river...

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    Scooter coming head on at me while going thru the cornflakes at Ginnie. Coming around a blind corner at full throttle. My light was shining around the corner, so he must have seen it.

    AND... I was the exiting diver!

    Now back to discussions of acts and actions by the Ginnie girls.

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    Being in a cave under water during an earthquake.

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    Lot of sex and dangerous encounters around these cave dives!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffKells View Post
    Lot of sex and dangerous encounters around these cave dives!!
    Add drugs too. One site (left nameless because we don't have permission to dive) has a history of drug trafficking, and has theft of cave divers belongings from their cars. Also, there is a boat ramp onto the Santa Fe river to access the caves that has drug trafficking.

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    Several years ago I was doing a fun dive in Lower Orange with Rob McGann and another diver he had tagging along. I had done a previous dive in the Lower Orange cavern with a couple cavern certified buddies of mine and at the end of that dive I locked off and dropped my reel into the hole in the breakdown pile to get a headstart on the upcoming cave dive. I went back to the surface for a bit.

    As we were readying to get back in the water, two guys in a beat up white van pulled up and jumped out and furiously started hustling bottles to the water. They were 80’s with various colored boots on them and very poorly made harnesses on the bottles made from loosely hung garden hose. They jumped into their doubles and headed to the water. One guy was wearing camouflaged fatigue pants over his exposure protection. I said to Rob, “I hope those guys aren’t going into Lower,” with a sinking feeling in my gut.

    We got to the hole in the breakdown and there was another guideline in place cutting diagonally through the middle of the hole. Avoiding their line, I grabbed my reel and payed out my guideline, carefully trying to stay away from theirs. We got in the cave and it was hazy. We headed up into the carousel and turned to head around the left side of the circuit as viz was poor to the right. We got about 1/3 around the circuit when we saw lights headed at us - fast! I did a double take as I saw the guy in the camo pants headed at us at a blistering speed - upside down, crawling like Spider Man across the ceiling while wearing his 104’s! A wall of silt followed closely behind him as he blew right through the middle of our group, despite our efforts to get out of his way. Then, out of the wall of black silt behind him came his partner with a video system with two intensely bright video heads pointed at us. He came straight at us and stopped a couple feet away and panned over me, then Rob, completely blinding us with his lights. He then blew by us and left us off the line in a 100% zero viz silt-out. We regrouped a couple minutes later and after a brief and somewhat comical touch contact conversation between me and Rob about whether to forge ahead or turn back, we turned back and exited in very poor viz for the rest of the dive until the cavern.

    I exited the water later than Rob and found him chatting in a very civilized manner with the two guys in the white truck as they were packing up. I was hot and ready to tear somebody a new ass, but Rob seemed to be calmly giving them a few pointers so I refrained from making a scene, because someone probably would have called the authorities!

    It is now amusing after the fact, but we check over our shoulders for the camo pants guy before we start a dive together!

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    One year I dived Little River on October 31. Sitting on Table Rock was a jack-o-lantern wearing a hockey mask.

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    Hmm, sex seems to be a prevalent theme for this thread, so I'll follow suit. Once in the late 70's I was diving at Peacock I at night. When we emerged from the cave for deco, we noticed people swiming above us. When we shined our lights on them it became apparent they were nude. Four dudes and four women. Turned out they were part of a motorcycle gang that were camping out near our campsite. But, once we shined our lights on them, they took it as a cue to put on a sex show. For some reason our deco lasted longer than the allotted time that night...

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