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    Default Making a Connection: Anderson Powerpole or Other?

    Are Anderson connectors still the standard?

    I'm rewiring my older cans/batteries/chargers. Trailer plugs, bananna plugs, stuff I don't recognize...

    Does anyone else keep different connectors for different battery chemistry? Then again, all of my currently installed batteries are 14.4V Li-Ion, but perhaps I should be forward thinking. Is there a more common connector I may come across with buddies?

    I had a bunch of Anderson's to do this job with, but apparently my wife threw them out, so...

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    Anderson Powerpoles are the defacto standard for the ham radio world, and are in very wide use in the tech dive world.

    They are bulletproof, reliable connectors for high current applications. They come in all sizes from 15 amp to 350 amp. They are simple and easy to install and repair. Although I prefer to solder my powerpoles, they can be reliably installed with crimp connection only.

    The other primary advantage is that powerpoles are hermaphorditic connectors (no male or female) but polarized. When correctly assembled, you cannot accidentally plug + to -, but batteries can be used to both power devices, and be powered by external power source.

    And they are cheap.

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    I use the Andersons, 30A, I think, on various ham things with good luck. But, I've had the 15A Andersons corrode to the point of failure on my dive lite, a Li-Ion deal. I would say the gold plated AMP mate and lok to be more reliable, when moisture is high.

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    Teamkarst: Does your battery canister need a replacement hydrogen capsule? Exposure to hydrogen can also be a cause of metal corrosion.

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