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    Default SCOOTER... 2008 Suzuki GSXR 750

    Figured this would be worth posting here just in case...

    2008 Suzki GSXR 750#

    engine displacement (CC):#750#
    paint color:#black#
    title status:#clean#

    2008 Suzuki GSXR 750, all black body, blue accent pieces (rim stipes, brake/shift levers, etc), fully maintained every 2,000 miles by Beach Blvd. Motorsports (Jacksonville). Bike is in fantastic mechanical condition, tires were new this year with 80%+ tread remaining, Chain was done 6 months ago.

    -30,000 miles
    -slip on shorty exhaust
    -fender eliminator with LED license plate lights
    -solo seat and passenger seat included
    -Top speed 187mph (how do I know this?)
    -150 miles per fill up
    -blacked out/tinted turn signals and tail lights

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    Gsxr are not my thing but still, that's a nice bike.... Asking price?

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    whoops... forgot that. $5,000


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