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    Default Jackson Blue 5/19 or 5/20

    Looking for someone to dive with at Jackson Blue this weekend. Saturday or Sunday is fine, I'm open to either. I just recently finished up Cave 1 down in High Springs, so I've seen Peacock and Ginnie and that's it. I'm pretty new to it, but the cave bug has bitten me pretty hard. Ideally, it'd be cool to dive with someone with similar limitations, but if anyone is cool with being a bit limited by the new guy, I'd appreciate a bit of experience too. Thanks!

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    Not sure if you were aware but this weekend is the NSS-CDS International Cave Diving Conference in Marianna. Maybe that is the reason you are going to be there. JB will be free to dive Friday - Sunday and there will be plenty of cave divers around. Picking up a dive with someone should be pretty easy.

    David Moore

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    I think I did know that at some point, but totally forgot about it. That's good to know, thanks for the reminder!

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    It will be a lot easier to find someone Sunday. Most people will be at the conference on Saturday.

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    Thanks for the heads up, Forrest. I'll give Sunday a shot and see if anyone is up for more of an intro level dive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FW View Post
    It will be a lot easier to find someone Sunday. Most people will be at the conference on Saturday.
    But if you go to the conference, you might miss the royal wedding.

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