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    I have a cast aluminium spool. The problem is that it is heavier than water, and if you drop it, it goes straight into the silt. Plastic spools sink much slower, giving you time to grab them, if you drop one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kotik View Post
    +1 on looking for a better fit for a cast project, but please----- no metal line markers. There's almost guaranteed to be some sharp edges somewhere, just 'cause Murphy.

    The general direction sounds good though, a smaller piece is going to make a better introduction to learning the art.
    Oh I wouldn't ever advocate for using either. For the reasons you and Forrest pointed out. But they would be good, small projects, cave related, that he could use to practice.

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    Found some 1/8? sheet for about $15 going to try running that through the break and see how that fairs then lots of drilling and cutting to match the template I made off my other backplate. Still going to attempt to add attachments on the base for tanks and even some bungee holes for S/M style bungees for stage bottles at the top. Definitely going to try and cast some spools though, they sound like a great way to get started.


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