A heads up to those considering venturing into the Source Tunnel of Jug Spring...

While entering the "rock sandwich" restriction (the bedding plane restriction at the start of the source tunnel) last week, my dive buddy grabbed onto the lower layer of rock to help pull himself in. While pulling, a large section of the rock broke off (about 3.5'x2' and 1.5' thick) and came to rest a couple feet lower than it had been before. We had been back in this passage 4-5 times in the month prior and had no other issues to speak of.

The restriction is still passable, but I would even more closely evaluate the risk/benefit of visiting this section. As mentioned in previous posts, this is extremely tight cave passage and should not be visited unless you're competent in no-mount/exhale-to-get-through type squeezes. Even more so now.

PS, the DR reel that used to be attached to the jump is gone. Not removed by us, but noticed in the last few weeks.