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    Default Compressor Cascade Questions

    Wondering what others have done who have a cascade bank for plumbing it all together.
    seems I see many setups have a high pressure hose going bottle to bottle like this pic:
    Click image for larger version

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    then one hose to the compressor, and one hose to fill their tanks. if all the bottles are off, can fill directly from compressor, or can fill bottles.

    Then I see some setups that have a cascade block. like this pic:
    Click image for larger version

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    For my setup, I have a pressure switch that I want to install. i feel a small manifold block is the way to go, and then have the pressure switch on the block, with the compressor connected to this as well as 1-2 lines out to fill tanks. I can then plum the bottles either directly to the cascade block or as the pics show plum each bottle to the other bottle and then run into the block from one of the lines.

    Any suggestions or input from others who have installed a cascade bank?

    Appreciates everyone's suggestions.

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    I have one similar to the top picture. My compressor has a pressure/cutoff switch built in.

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    My setup is:

    Click image for larger version

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    The PMV (with 90deg fittings attached) on my final filter is shaped like a cactus. Gas comes in from the bottom and goes out the sides. The two sides are basically like a manifold. One side goes to my 4 bank bottles that are all connected together and the other side goes to my fill whip. I don't have a pressure switch or auto drains so fill operations are manual. I top my bottles off highest pressure to lowest pressure or I fill tanks direct or both if the situation calls for it. I can also fill tanks from the bank with the compressor off. My needs are simple so I don't have any additional manifolds or panels. Someone with a pressure switch would probably leave all the bottles open and hit the go button to fill them all at the same time. They would probably also get a nice panel so they stop wearing their hands out opening and closing valves. I'm a small hobby operation with no $$$ for all that.

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    the top one is cheaper because you don't have the manifold block or the line valves. Fine if you have a handful of tanks that are easily accessible. The manifolds are usually used when you have a multiple tanks per bank, and/or remote locations of the bottles. I wouldn't bother with the manifold if you can gain quick and easy access to the bottle valves directly.

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    Do you want only one fill whip? I would use a manifold with multiple fill whips and have the compressor and banks plumbed to it. You could then fill off the compressor or the banks. Plus you can fill the cascade from the manifold as well. Though if you're putting a check valve in place you'd need a second split to allow filling the cascade.


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