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    Default High Pressure Aluminum

    Can anyone fill me in on some information I need? I recently picked up 4 used aluminum tanks for cheap. They are made by Catalina circa 2008. Stamped as C74 with a service pressure from the factory of 3442. Obviously I know they are 74's at that pressure. But, does anyone know the buoyancy characteristics of them? It is not listed anywhere including catalinas website. They are slightly taller than a Worthington 100 and slightly shorter than a PST 100. I haven't taped them yet but they are definitely inches shorter than a standard 80.

    I found over on scubaboard that they were imported from Australia as left overs and sold by Genesis state side. They do have genesis valves.

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    Hang them on a fishing scale underwater (just the tanks, not the scale).

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    It may be moot. If there'a no DOT stamp it would be illegal to fill them in the states.

    Unless, of course, you have your own compressor.

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    Stamped DOT 3AL3442.


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