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    I third the Dive Outpost. Cathy is a great host and I agree with what Forest and MORGAN have said. Good comradeship and you are just down the road from Peacock, Cow and Telford. Only 45 mins from Little River. If your group plans on scootering a bunch then I would suggest Marianna. Call Cave Adventures and see if the Hole In The Wall House is available. It will hold 6 and it's on the Millpond.

    David Moore

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    Cathy and the camaraderie at Dive Outpost are wonderful.

    "I like to do dangerous things safely."

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    I'd stay some of the time out at Cathy's (peacock, cow) some at Waynes/High Springs (Ginnie, Jug) and maybe drive out to MillPond for a day at JB.


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