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    Did this method of finding transport work? I have an urgent need for a ride for a pair of Mexican split fins from Jax to Cave Country.

    Is this some sort of remote logistics business you've started? For someone in Iowa you sure do move a lot of gear.........

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    ...........on an unrelated note that I literally just now remembered...... I could also use a transport for a pair of black flip flops that are probably still sitting on your front porch........

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    good news! the flip flops are still on the front porch, however they have surpassed the 30 day "no claim/full surrender" policy and will be posted in the non-diving section of the gear exchange. Hopefully they will be within your affordable price range or perhaps layaway payment plans could be arranged. Upon full payment we will look to source a ride for them to cave country with drop off at your favorite dive shop.


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