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    Default WTB Filter Tower

    Looking to see who had a filter tower laying around they may be willing to part with. Open to different combinations. Using on a 5 CFM compressor.

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    There's a used big 33: (27" filter) on eBay right now for $550 + $50 shipping or make an offer. Whien I picked my used 16" (10" filter) up $400 was the going rate. Occasionally one would go for $300 but I didn't have time to wait for it.


    I don't know your situation or filtration knowledge but the posting suggest the X36677 filter. That's a drying filter not a finishing filter so it's probably not what you'd want unless you happen to have two filters and this will be the first filter. An X34247 (sieve, carbon, hopcalite) would probably be a better choice. Get yourself a priority valve to go after it also.

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    I would recommend you check in with your local Bauer dealer and see if he has any used / trade ins on the shelf. You might be able to find one off a Unicus or something similar that has been traded in. Many Fire Departments are going to 4500 psi cylinders and having to upgrade compressors.

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    Ed Paradiso at epcompressors usually has some used towers. eBay and craigslist are good sources as well. I picked up 2 30” aluminum and 3 steel towers for $500 a couple years ago off of eBay. Sold the 3 steel for $750 and kept the 2 aluminum.



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