My wife (4'11") has the same rig as Vinegarbiscuit's -- Oxycheq rig with a small steel plate, and an 18lb single wing, to dive with an Al80 (which she handles OK without needing an Al63) . She does not use an STA, but she uses the Oxycheq sausage weight (4-5lbs) to get the weight she needs. It ends up being a pretty specialized rig, but it is great for the diving she does (shallow, tropical dives) and she finds it comfortable. But then again, that's the only rig she knows since that's the one I set up for her to get certified... The Oxycheq quality seems very robust, which is a good thing because I found that servicing/replacing stuff from them can be difficult & expensive ($40 minimum I think, plus sometimes expense to ship to NY and back, plus parts/labor etc.). Good luck!