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    Default Buddy(s) wanted, Merritt Mill Pond next weekend, 4/20-4/22

    Coming down from Buffalo, NY to dive the caves at Merritt Mill Pond.

    I am full cave, diving side mount (due to shoulder injuries), but I do not do tight restrictions. Comfortable with Lincoln Tunnel down to "minor" restriction.

    I am still a rookie (no Abe Davis) and am a slow, mellow diver. I'm more interested in enjoying the cave environments than swimming 2 miles back. I will be wearing a GoPro and taking both video and stills.

    Love diving mixed team if you are in back mount.

    Looking for buddies for Friday, Sat or Sun next weekend. PM me or e-mail at gschaut@aol.com


    Take only photos, leave only bubbles, kill only time.

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    Should be a group of 3 of us out there Sunday, not 100% if we are going to dive the mill pond or try to do something like Bozel.


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