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    Default Sistema Sac Pepem: video

    About 7 years ago we were starting exploring some remote cenotes far south of Tulum, Mexico.
    Many collapses were difficult to by pass, some incredibly white and decorated rooms, many air domes...it wasn't an easy exploration as finding the cave and the water flow pattern challenged us many times.
    We thought the biggest part of the exploration was done, untill a couple of months ago.
    2 friends of mine were up to hike the jungle for me to take them on a dive that no diver had done aside myself.
    During this dive, I realised i may have missed a few things...i was right and we laid over 7000 feet of extra line in a new massive section, over 2 dives only.
    During the second dive, i was joined by Natalie Gibb and Lexi Fraser.
    I went on my own while they went for a fun video dive.
    The place being incredibly beautiful, and the 2 ladies super talented, the result is, once again breath taking.
    We hope you'll enjoy watching this video as we enjoy exploring this place.



    Vincent Rouquette-Cathala

    GO SIDEMOUNT OW and cave instructor
    TDI: full cave instructor, Advanced trimix Instructor, cave sidemount instructor
    DSAT tec deep instructor, trimix instructor
    CMAS *** cave instructor

    web page: info@underthejungle.com

    Make sur your dreams swallow your life, and that your life never swallow your dreams.

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    Very nice

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    Nice video, thanks for sharing

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    Jeff Rouse
    Chicago, IL

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    Very nice, thank you for sharing.


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