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    Default Trim/Balance on UV-26

    I am the proud (new) owner of a pre-owned UV-26.

    I used Gavins a fair bit a few years ago, but this is my first SS scooter.

    I've been testing it today, and it is pretty nose heavy at rest. I used to trim the Gavins to be "slightly" tail down.

    Overall, it is slightly positive at the surface but negative from 6ft or so. So it seems well weighted.

    The question (and I may be missing some thing obvious here) is can/how do I move the batteries back to trim the nose up? The front battery spacer is in place as is required.

    If I add trim weights aft, the whole scooter will become more negative. I understand I may have to do this, but am trying to figure out if there is another way.

    Thank you!


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    I think the only way to add weight with it already correctly weighted would be to check if it has the light batteries in in or the heavy ones. Possibly changing the batteries will also you to add more aft weight. I can no longer remember which brand was the light ones though.

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    My UV-26 is ever so slightly negative. It has two 1-pound bag weights, tie-wrapped on the rails. I found that moving the weights around allowed me to get it exactly the way I want it.

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    Thank you.

    The scooter has Genesis EP26 batteries.

    They seem to be the standard ones that the UV-26 ships with. Gavins used Powersonics I think....There was an issue with the older PVC bodied scooters and battery weights if I remember and the recommendation with these was to use Universal AGMs?

    I'll try and add some weight to the back rail too!

    Thanks again.


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    It should be positive on the surface and only slightly positive at 100' . You don't want it to sit in the silt. Go to a tire store and get some stick on tire weights. You can dial it in to the 1/4 easily.

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    Don’t I recall the batteries being mounted on threaded rod? With some adjustment to be made by lossening the nuts and turning the rods?

    Do you have enough play to run the batteries towards the stern on rods a bit? You would not have to move the batteries very far to make a significant difference.

    Or maybe my pain meds are better than I thought....

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    Once again, thank you all for your valuable input.

    @bamafan...the scooter is currently slightly negative (which I am OK with) at depth. Ideally, I want it to rest on the bottom, nose up, when I clip it off onto a line or close to neutral, nose up when I am towing it etc.
    Unless I am misreading your post, adding tyre weights would make it more negative I think? Or am I misunderstanding something significant?

    @diveconjeff...The batteries are held by threaded bar, but the position of the batteries seems fixed as the battery pack actually rests and is latched onto the top of the motor compartment. It would be possible to add a thin spacer to move both batteries towards the nose, but I think this would make the problem worse?

    I guess i need to do some experimenting! The water here is 4?C (39?F) so there is not a whole lot of time to play with things before you start gettin cold...

    Thank you again.


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    I really don't know why you would want it resting on the bottom. My suggestion with tire weights was to remove some of the existing weight and use the tire weights to properly trim it out and have it closer to neutral at depth. Not everywhere you drop a scooter is going to be rock bottom and why would you want the scooter resting in the silt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamhanlon View Post
    @bamafan...the scooter is currently slightly negative (which I am OK with) at depth. Ideally, I want it to rest on the bottom, nose up, when I clip it off onto a line or close to neutral, nose up when
    Maybe you want it that way but the cave and it's inhabitants don't. The scooter touching the cave will cause damage.
    Like bamafan said, if you keep it ever so slightly positive and tie it to the line on a short leash (I usually clip in the bottom and the top leash) it will hover on or just above the line and not touch anything.

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    Thank you again for the suggestions.

    @bamfan-there is no "existing" weight on the scooter (that I can see). The scooter is as supplied by SS, with their standard batteries. It has no removable weight unless I change out the batteries. Hence my dilemma.

    @nakatomi-the bulk of my caving is in high flow, pretty tight caves. If I rely on the line to hold it in place, it will take the line with it.....I guess it is "horses for courses."

    All the best



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