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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitrogenius View Post
    Looks great in there..
    As I am working a lot lately in Sweden maybe I should get more into the topic. Is there a rough overview map where the mines are located across Sweden?

    The stage sits horrible though..
    There is literally a few thousand mines in Sweden, most are waterfilled and a lot of them are accessible. Logistics of access vary though and knowing which ones are suitable is trickier. The highest concentration is in the area known as Bergslagen which is in central Sweden, northwest of Stockholm. The best bet for a visitor is the mine at Tuna-H?stberg from the first video. It has good conditions, is fully underground for year round activities and is more of an all inclusive thing with accomodation, fills, etc. The other mines RCN listed are run as societies which is cheaper but also more of a hurdle to participate in. In Tuna-H?stberg you register and show up for planned activities but as it is commercialized the associated costs are higher. Basically you sign up at diving.aventyrsgruvan.se and find an event you want to attend. Tanks can be rented in Stockholm or borrowed from me if schedules match.

    The stage is probably a result of people using standard size rig kits but using jumbo size boltsnaps, it adds more than you'd think.

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    Who knew the Illuminati would infiltrate cave diving and post videos of mines to distract us.

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    Mines and caves are different but the same - I dive both and love both. My closest "cave" diving spot is a mine.

    Like all caves are different all mines are different

    The main difference between cave and mines are flow - some caves have flow - mines rarely do. Mines have silt (and depending on what was mined (i.e ground/rock type) there might be plenty and with no flow could be truely unforgiving.

    Mines normally (but sometimes they can be miles long) do not have the length that caves have but can be very complicated (depending on the time of mining and the methods used) as an example in Komati Springs in South Africa (where board and pillar mining technique was used in the 60's) level one is the size of a football pitch. but with irregular columns and spaces every where. its complicated enough that you will get lost without running line and we have had fatalities there due to lost line (many decades ago).

    Mines normally go deep fast and in the case of Komati Springs there is the express route (down the main shaft) to get there or the "snake's and ladders" route to get there which entail laying line in diffident areas doing vertical and horizontal jumps, going trough major restrictions etc. Komati Sprimgs goes to 186m (600ft) and it has levels at 9m 18m 22m 36m 47m 67m 107m 125m 136m and 154m (500ft) and whilst you could probably dive the shallower sections in a short time the deeper diving is a real deep diving - with restrictions - that you have to scrape through - lots of silt etc.

    The good thing about mines its man made so you can't damage the environment - therefore a fantastic place for training and honing skills.

    Some videos -not mine - and no comments about skills

    so mines still fun and you can't underestimate them.

    so yes get a guide in US for cave diving - its a good and smart idea

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    Ok this is what it look like when some divers (I think there dive technique is really poor) go stuff around at 70m (220ft) in a mine system - plenty of silt and they were't even in the bad silt or tight areas - but I think it can be taken that it looks very cave like - other than for the doors


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    Not all mines are big. Some have small tunnels with lot of silt and cables and other machinery to make them maybe more difficult than a cave.
    And some places in mines are unstable.

    This picture shows what happens if the mine underground collapses. It happened in 2015 in Belgium in the Malogne mine:


    Really nice if it is your land, your meadow etc. NOT.
    The farmers where not happy with this as they could not reach their land anymore with tractors.

    Here a picture of an ore bunker I dove in last weekend. It is narrow, lots of entanglementoptions, lots of perculation, lots of old steel. More or less maybe more a wreck than a cave, but overhead for sure:

    But no tidal, no currents, no waves, no seasickness.

    This is a picture of a slate mine. The walls are not the most stable ones, one of the risks in minediving:

    And here a smaller tunnel in the biggest opalmine of the world, this looks more or less like a cave (yes I know there are smaller caves and smaller passages in mines, but this is not a tunnel where trucks can go):

    And minerals 'are leaking' from the ceiling, extremely breakable, more than stalagtites:

    So breakable caves can be, but even mines too. Not all mines are big to drive cars or trucks in it. Mines can be instable and can have other hazards than caves (cables, instable walls). But I agree that a complete cave course cannot be teached only in mines. Minediver in mines of course, can.
    All mines I dove in where cold. Currents you see in some caves.
    Siltouts I have seen in both.


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