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    Default Iron Industry, blast furnace.

    Yesterday I had the chance to dive in an old blast furnace. We got a special permit to dive the iron ore bunker. There are 3 of these bunkers. The bunkers are small, and narrow, best is to dive it with a twin7, but I only have twin12 . All the old machinery and equipment is still in there. That means cables, ropes, hoisting machines, etc. We dove 2 of these bunkers for 32 minutes each. Water was 4.5 degrees C, so really cold. The bunkers are nice to take pictures. But lot of silt and perculation.
    Here an impression:

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    Translation: Twin7=double 45s, Twin12=double 85s.

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    Pretty cool!

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    very cool

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    Looks great! Where is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RUdown4 View Post
    Looks great! Where is it?

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    It is in Germany. You need a special permit. It is small and narrow, but it is a really special site. Diving here is not open to public. It has something from wreckdiving too, old steel, cables, etc.
    Even the complete parc (open for public) is really nice. You can climb the 85m high blast furnace to look around over the city. It is a free museum to educate people about the iron industry in the past.
    It is a sort of 'urban exploration', but allowed. Free, open to public and suitable for kids as well.

    Every diver can dive the 'Gasometer', that is an indoor old silo that is now filled with water: http://www.tauchrevier-gasometer.de/ This is part of the parc too.
    This old silo had a depth of 13m and a diameter of 45m. It is dark there, but they have lighted it a little bit. The Gasometer has nothing to do with cavediving or overhead diving. It is just a special place too. As open water diver you can dive there. Some objects are in there. Entrance fee here is 26 euro a day.


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