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I use the Hog D1s for back gas and the Deep6 reg (similiar to Hog D3) for deco. I like the form factor of the reg as it allows the low pressure turret to fully rotate giving me nice hose routing. Deep6 goes one step further and includes your first service kit right in the box.

* I don't know much about Deep6 regs.. but I thought their big thing was that they service them for life? why would they include an annual kit with a new reg?

Some don't like to use diaphragm regulators because they see the diaphragm as a big fuel source for a fire. I'm not to worried about that.
This seems a bit far fetched... has anyone had/known of a reg exploding with 100% o2 use? I would think a piston style reg would burn/explode just as easy as a diphragm reg if conditions were right, but I've never heard of this happening.

Not a hit on Chrpai, but I've heard the same comments elsewhere and find it a bit odd.