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    Default Downsides of socks on a drysuit.

    I'm considering having Gamble put a pair of socks on a used TLS350 I recently purchased. Are there any downsides of socks?

    My main reason for preferring the socks over turbosoles is that they fit much better.

    I plan on wearing a pair of wetsuit booties over them so I understand that little hassle, but other than that are there any other issues with air trapping, durability, or any other downsides?

    From this other thread it seems that socks are viewed pretty favorably:


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    I recently switched from socks to boots. Thanks to Gamble as he sent me some to try on to size and see how I liked them. I prefer the boots for a couple of reasons:

    1) one less item to pack (though now I bring fin keepers)
    2) on both drysuits, the socks didn't fit well and the ends would "crunch up" and be uncomfortable.
    3) my foot size (~11-12) is such that I struggled to find a boot/shoe that fits over the socks w/thermal socks and fits into standard XL fins.

    I have been using the fin keepers with them and they make the boot feel more solid. I didn't find a boot I liked that had an above the ankle strap which I wanted. I tried the turbo soles when Gamble sent some to try and didn't like the way the fin strap and sole seemed misaligned (e.g., the strap pulled the book in and left a rear extension of sole).


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    I have a size 11 foot. My DUI CF200 has socks. I used to use the DUI rock boots, but now I use fin keepers and wetsuit booties. They fit my fins fine and are very comfortable. No complaints. I will occasionally still use rock boots if there's going to be much climbing and scrambling on rocks to get to the water.

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    Love my socks that Gamble put on for me.


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    Had Gamble put boots on my DUI years ago and love them.

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    I had CF200 socks on my DUI suit originally and they were a constant source of leaks inside rock boots. When they make the socks, they turn them inside-out to seal the seams, which gives a curve to the sealant, which is semi-rigid. When the socks are turned right side out, the curve of the sealant was now the wrong direction and caused ridges along the sealant edges that wore through on a regular basis. Pretty much had to coat the entire heel and toe of each foot with a thick layer of aquaseal. The toes were always really tight on the socks as well. Seems their sock pattern is limited to ballerina feet. Changed to boots a couple years ago from DRIS. Order a few pairs to find the right fit and sent the others back.

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    I have socks on my current suit and on the previous one. I normally wear wear rock boots over them. I would never go back to boots on the dry suit.

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    I have socks on all my suits, prefer them any day.

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    It looks like both are equally popluar.

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    Not a fan of socks because my feet are the size where when you put on a sock and a bootie it is either too big or too small for fins, have the Santi boots and love them


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