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    Socks because I wear a 14. Boots are always ridiculously big regardless of kind. Lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FW View Post
    It looks like both are equally popluar.
    I have used both over the years and don't see much difference between them.

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    I originally had socks with my first Drysuit, which was a Scubapro LT. Since then I bought a DUI FLX Extreme and Santi E.Lite, both with boots on them. I like the boots much better. I feel that the boots are more comfortable as you don’t have them bunching up like socks do in odd ways and I feel the boots provide better ankle flexibility. Having the boots also removes the extra step when gearing up which is always welcome, especially if you’re finding yourself on a dive boat on a rough day, seasick while turning your drysuit into a wetsuit from all the sweating. I feel the boots are also potentially more durable. I wear the BZ Thinsulate socks which are super bulky so gearing up squeezing my feet into my Santi's boots is a bit of a challenge and it is a snug fit at first, but then you get used to it and its comfortable. The only real advantage I see the socks + rockboot combo having is the rock boots may provide better grip for wet and rocky/rough shore entries since rock boots can have quite a bit of tread. Built-in boots don’t usually have as much tread and are more suited for smoother surfaces like boat decks, so I suppose that is a consideration as well.

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    Boots > Socks > Back to Boots

    Probably using the wrong liners under the socks, but I prefer the simplicity of the boots.

    The con for me is boot suits are harder to invert and dry prior to traveling

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    I'm a sock guy... i've had several suits with both options. Down side to socks... you need to wear some boots over them. I was lazy with my first sock type suit and found myself walking around without booties over the socks... wore some holes in the suit easily. After that expensive lesson I changed my routines. Still love socks. I wore rock boots for years and recently switched to wetsuit boots... super cheap and help keep a nice snug fit on my feet to keep excessive air out. Go with socks... no regrets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxpcf View Post
    I plan on wearing a pair of wetsuit booties over them so I understand that little hassle, but other than that are there any other issues with air trapping, durability, or any other downsides?

    Air trapping way less issue than with boots.. also way less volume to be "trapped" from the start
    potential downside is the seam from suit to sock.. due to smaller size of sock in general getting in and out is a bit more tricky usually and if in a hurry can add a lot of stress to the seam with less durability overall..
    that's about the only downside I know of.. I go socks any day..
    I use socks with a light "turbosole" though that can take some wear from the bottom.. I do wear rock boots on top of them though, but you have to be less careful when still in suit but out of boots already.. you still can do small errands walking etc..

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    I have boots, flexsoles and socks on my suits.
    Boots are bulky, but to walk with a twinset best. If the ground is unstable, the boots are best with most grip.
    Flexsoles are worst. You feel every small stone.
    Socks+wetboots from neoprene depends on the sole you have. I have 5mm neoprene socks (of course after some use thinner), and 5mm winterboots over it. Rockboots don't give isolation and my feeth are easy cold (we dive in cold water).
    With diving:
    Flexsoles and socks are best. Less air in it.
    Durability is best with boots or flexsoles. Socks not, it is harder to getting out of it and that means sometimes a little bit pulling. After around 150 dives socks get their first leaks. Easy to repair. Flexsoles first leak later (where springstrap of fin is, I glued extra neoprene over it). The oldest socks have now over 400 dives, still original, but I glued extra neoprene over some seams, I think I can do another 100 dives. With flexsoles I had to do same, the first pair is now over 600 dives used. Boots after 400 dives: no leaks, still fine. When the boots need to be replaces I think I take flexsoles.

    Some divers pack their drysuit and forget their rockboots when they have socks. So that is an advantage too. 2 things to pack. The boots are standard in my box, even if I take another drysuit.

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    Socks have more insulation, walking over rocks is more comfy too due to the shoes worn over them, minimize the floaty balloon foot feeling.

    Boots are quicker to don/doff, less stuff to bring/forget, allow for more insulation if needed, have less chances of having a fold pinch your feet, simpler.

    I've used both a lot find boots a better overall compromise due to simplicity. YMMV

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    Have to agree with everything Jack says.
    I have turbo soles on my DUI. I love them. My other dry suit has similar soles. When I had socks I always needed help to get out or would have to find some where to sit and struggle out of my suit. For me it was a real pia

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    Other thing about socks, when your cath blows off, your ankles swell up.

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