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    I've been diving at the intro level for the last year and just now moved from Atlanta to Jacksonville so I'm ready to take my full cave course. Any recommendations on good instructors in cave country ? I was thinking of taking it from lauren and John Kieran but want to explore all options before hand

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    Considerations: It is frequently a good idea to take it from an instructor that is fairly active, and has experience in the systems you plan to dive. Recommendations from forums are nice, but often we take the class with one instructor, so there isn't a lot of basis for comparison,so reach out to people making recommendations and ask them about their experience. Talk to the instructor you are considering, and get a feel for that individual. Lastly, if the instructor you choose is booked for awhile, wait for a spot to open. When diving the overhead and your training is part of your survival, you want the best.

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    I'll second the Jon Bernot and/or Ken Sallot recommendations.

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    Unfortunately though I'm going to have to break it up into weekends do to my military obligations during the work week and they don't allow thay

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    Unfortunately I won't be granted liberty from my unit until Friday afternoons for the next couple months

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    I did mine split up over weekends too. I don't think you will have a problem finding an instructor willing to do it that way. Check in with the local shops.

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    Ted McCoy ,Jon Bernot, Ken Sallot, all top shelf instructors......

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