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    Default Thread size of oxygen cells?

    Does anyone happen to know the thread size of the front of a normal molex-connector-type oxygen cell? I believe PSR 11-39-MD is what I'm looking for, but if not the most common size of O2 cells like you'd find on a KISS.

    I'm looking for the size of the threading tool I'd need to get to mount these, kinda like you probably mount them in the head unit of your breather.

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    Per Tobin on SB "Many O2 cells have a 16 mm x 1.0 mm lead male thread."


    I don't know your project but for my nitrox stick I just eye balled it with a drill bit and it threaded in nicely all on it's own. I then used my kids hot glue gun to put a bead on it. It's been hanging on the wall for two years now just fine.


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