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    Default Sale: HOG Regulators, Wing, SMB, Hooded Vest, Geo 2.0, Misc!

    Click here for all pictures!

    ScubaPro 5/3mm Hooded Diving Vest. Used once in Mexico! Great condition and perfect for layering with a full suit for those slightly colder days. Size XL.

    Asking $75

    Pinnacle 7mm zippered hood (Large). Great condition, never used. Asking $55.

    Take both for $120!

    Hog Sidemount set. These are D1 first stages and "Classic" second stages (thanks @racanichou). One second stage has a blue faceplate. Both regulators were serviced in 2016 and dove once. Includes two 6" SPGs, 7' rubber long hose, braided short hose with OmniSwivel elbow. Comes with slick Cave Adventures bag. Asking $480

    Massive 7' XSScuba SMB. $37 Gently used, always rinsed.

    Dive Rite bellows zippered pocket. $15. Used, works. Free if you want to buy regs, vest, or computer.

    Oceanic Geo 2.0 Dive Computer. Great condition, minor scuffs around the face. Does need new battery. Operates great in gauge mode for the experienced diver looking for a backup or in NDL/Air/Nitrox mode for the recreational diver. More information about this model specifically can be found here: https://www.leisurepro.com/p-ocnge2b...ium-slate-blue

    Asking $235

    Deep Sea Supply Torus 35 Donut Wing with Bands.

    This wing is in great condition. Asking $210. Comes with the wing, cam bands for a single tank, and the blocks. This wing has a built-in single tank adapter so you just need to add a backplate harness and this is ready to dive!

    Wrist slates take for $5 each!

    DIR knives take for $4 each!

    ScubaForce Stainless Steel Backplate. 5lbs. I have two. $100 each, both for $180. Brand new, never used.

    Shipping not included. Please contact me to arrange. Can ship most stuff flat rate and fairly cheap! Local NYC pickup an easy option.

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    The DSS wing is sold. Will entertain offers on the regulators or other items.

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    Would you be willing to split up the reg set ? I just need the spg's and 6" hoses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunongbel View Post
    Would you be willing to split up the reg set ? I just need the spg's and 6" hoses.
    Not right now.

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    SMB is sold.

    Regs now $450 for the set. They were a backup set that aren't getting used. Would be great for someone else to get started with.

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    Geo 2.0 is sold. Regs now $400 or best offer for the set.

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    I'm looking for a Hog second stage. If the set breaks up with a second stage leftover, please let me know.

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    ill take a knife !

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    Didn't see a pic of the pocket. Is that the vertical or horizontal one? If horizontal, I'll take it!


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    Quote Originally Posted by moose_grunt View Post
    Didn't see a pic of the pocket. Is that the vertical or horizontal one? If horizontal, I'll take it!
    It's a horizontal pocket. Regs are sold.

    Remaining items are:

    ScubaPro 5/3mm Hooded Diving Vest XL - $75
    Pinnacle 7mm zippered hood (Large) - $55.
    Dive Rite bellows zippered pocket - $15
    ScubaForce Stainless Steel Backplate - $100

    Contact me to work out a price for multiples.


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