I have 8 sets of HOG D3 (DIN)/Zenith regulators for sale... all purchased in January 2017... 1 year old with approx. 30 dives on them... all fresh water dives at the springs. currently they are setup as 2 sets of sidemount regs, 2 stage regs, 2 oxygen bottle regs (with green face plates/mouth pieces). I buy brand new regs every year, hence time to sell. the oxygen regs and stage regs have probably less than 15-20 dives on them as they get used less frequently. I will bundle them as a D3 first stage, zenith second stage and hog 2" black face SPG (imperial/psi) and whatever length hoses you want... I have 7' hoses, 30", 32" and 40" lp hoses. SPGs, I have 4", 6", 9" or 22" HP hoses. $275 per bundle (1st/2nd/SPG and hoses) firm on price. If you buy 2 or more bundles I'll ship for free or knock $25 off the total and can drop off to cave country. Hardware not included (clips/swivels) but available if you want to add it on. They do have cosmetic scratches and scuffs associated with this type of diving.


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