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    Default Looking for 2-3 Months Accommodations / Rental

    I am looking for accommodation options for a 2-3 months stay in North-Florida starting around Feb 26.

    Areas of interest:
    High Springs, Fort White, Branford, Luraville.

    Don't want to go much further south as I will have to commute to JAX 1-2 times a week.

    Must have good & reliable internet to support remote work. I am open to sharing a place.

    Basically looking to cave dive 1-2 times in the evening and every weekend, work remote during the week + commutes to JAX.

    Anyway, looking forward to recommendations.

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    Get yourself a van!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teddy View Post
    Get yourself a van!
    does your van come with an office and internet?

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    If you figure something out, i'd be interested in hearing it. I'll be done with my PhD sometime this fall, and am planning to escape work for just a bit longer.


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