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    Default Trade my size lg CLX 450 for your xl suit

    Guys, I'm looking to trade my CLX 450 size large for the following:
    -Another late model DUI CLX or CF200
    XL waterproof D1

    I want to trade because my primary cf is cave cut. So I want a looser suit for very heavy undergarments. I'm 190lbs and wear fourth element arctic and this suit fits fine but I have no room for anything thicker. This suit is a later model clx with zip wrist and neck, new light monkey p valve.

    Let me know whatcha got. If I was to sell this suit it would have to be no less then 1200.
    -id be looking for the following in an xl
    Fourth element
    Another dui
    Waterproof d1

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    I would also take trades on scooters. Of even value or money from my end.. this is a 1400 dollar suit all day. If you would like pics I can email them to you. Comes with extra zip neck seal.

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