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    Default NSS-CDS Winter Workshop @ Hart Springs! (February 17th)

    We are only a week away from the Hart Springs Workshop and we are excited about it! Below you will find the schedule and information on diving that you will need to know for the event.

    Schedule for the NSS-CDS Workshop @ Hart Springs

    9:00AM - Park Opens
    9:00-9:45 - Attendees check-in
    10:00-12:00 - Morning Session (All tracts, pick the one you wish to attend!)
    12:15-1:45 - Lunch
    2:00-4:00 - Afternoon Session (All tracts, pick the one you wish to attend!)

    Workshop Tracts
    We have four hands on workshops for participants to choose from scheduled throughout the day.

    A - Cave Radio Location - Andy Pitkin. Andy will introduce participants to principles of cave radio location, then participants will do field work and locate a beacon that has been installed in Hart Springs Cave!

    B - CPR and O2 Provider - Roger Williams. This non-certification session is meant to introduce participants to these life-saving techniques.

    C - Underwater Cave Photography - Kirill Egorov. Kirill will introduce participants to some of the tricks and techniques he uses in his underwater photography.

    D - Vertical Techniques - Jon Lillestolen and Matt Vinzant. Jon and Matt will introduce participants to tips and tricks for climbing and rappelling. *If you have your own climbing gear, you are encouraged to bring it and to use for this session*

    Guided Dives at Black Lagoon and Little Hart
    Pre-registered only. The guided dives at Black Lagoon will begin at 10AM. Please see the email that was sent on February 7th for more details.

    Unguided Diving at Little Hart
    Divers that are NSS-CDS Cave Diver (or equivalent), have DAN Insurance, and have earned their Abe Davis (or have proof of 100 safe cave dives) may go on an unguided dive at Little Hart at any time during the day. Per Gilchrist County Rules, you must provide proof of DAN insurance and your full cave certification, please bring those with you. There is a $20 diving fee that you will have to pay the park.

    Ken Sallot

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    Are the guided dives at black lagoon full?

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    Looking forward to this weekend. Great job to all involved.

    Brendan's Law - "Know what you're breathing. Analyze your gas for O2 and Co. Analyze your gas each time, everytime, anywhere."

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdobbertien View Post
    Are the guided dives at black lagoon full?

    Yes, unfortunately they filled up fast. One of the guides is even "double dipping" and taking two groups (one in the morning, and one in the afternoon).

    I'm taking another group on Sunday, but I'm at the maximum ratio for that trip. It's possible there may be a guide that can go on Sunday as well. You can find the list of guides at https://divehartsprings.com/active-guides/


    Ken Sallot


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