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Thread: non DOT hydro

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    Cylinders approved for use in USA are assigned DOT designations if standardized and with corresponding pressures. 3A, 3AA and 3AL are common examples. These are standard designations and follow said rules with marked pressures. Back to CFRs and regulations for USA for reference.
    There are exemptions and special permits which are authorized to manufactures to produce cylinders to a different standard from DOT standardization which means that are authorized in the USA. These cylinders are permitted for manufacture and granted authorization to distribute. Special permits and exemptions are an exception to the standard and have to be renewed periodically with DOT from the manufacturer or other interested party.

    DOT-E12079 is assigned to Asahi a manufacturer associated with Dolphin brands. DOT stamp means approved in the USA. Hydro facility must check DOT website or refer to current printed version for reference that approvals are current to remain in service for testing and use. If not renewed it can' t be tested or remain in service. I have not checked printed material at work or on DOT website to see if current. Check DOT site but keep in mind government websites are hard to search and often not up to date. Sometimes more work involved.

    To further complicate things DOT has some English grammar complications in their standardization for designations and special permit or exemption procedures.

    After all that typing...your cylinder is most likely the Japanese import cylinder that was sold by Genesis. Most were PST but some later switched to a different manufacturer. Classic 300bar outlet with smaller neck thread which requires an R116 o-ring. Not the more common r-0214. If current with DOT, hydro-facility must have current test adapter and a copy of exemption. Have Fun with this.

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    Looks like this applies to the cylinder in question. Special Permit expired Dec. 31, 2017, but has now been renewed.


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    Much thanks for this information; it's a good cylinder but was thinking I may have to take the chop saw to it!


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