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    Default Collapsible Cart Left At JB

    Seems I forgot my cart when leaving JB today. It's a small collapsible folding cart and likely has a bungee or two on it. I don't believe it has my name or anything. I last saw it by the stairs leading toward the diving board and area most divers gear up in water.

    If anyone finds it and drop it off at cave adventures I'd appreciate it. Let them know it's for Ryan LeBrun.

    I'd appreciate it.


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    we'll be back tomorrow morning and will get it to Edd's for you assuming no one else grabbed it

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    I appreciate it. Been off the forums a couple days.

    Any chance you found it? I had some friends in the area that were going to check when they went back as well.

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    unfortunately we didn't see anything at the park, looked for it. Hopefully some of the other divers that were there on the 4th may have grabbed it

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    Well, somebody found it and took it, as it wasn't there yesterday.

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    I appreciate the effort. I'll have to check with the shop tomorrow to see if anyone else found it. With a Uv-26 a cart is nice.


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