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    Back home, we drove 1500 km one way for only 3 dives. And in 3 days. The reason: we wanted to do a weekend cavediving. But in Europe, all caves are flooded or have bad viz. Lot area flooded, Jura/Doubs area flooded, the winter caves have bad viz, too much current due to too much snow in the mountains and too high temperatures so the snow melts again.
    The Ardeche looked like to be an option, but sadly, there came rain too when we were driving (and there came more than expected). We had the gases with us for there, we have stopped there, but too much current.
    So we decided to move to the south, to the boundery of France and Spain to dive Font Estramar. It is a 15 hour drive from my house.
    I had a new undersuit, brand 'Kwark' and wanted to try that. But the water in Font Estramar is 18-19 degrees, so much warmer than the Ardeche (12-13 degrees).
    As soon as I jumped in I felt: I need less weight than with my old Santi underwear and this is too warm for this warm bath of water But ok, it was diveable. Nice diving there.

    The lakes at the mediterrean sea:

    Under water you drop your oxygen near the Xmas tree

    This entrance pool is used to teach open waters too as we have seen them later during the day.
    They didn't go into the cave. So no discussions about that.

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    Very nice.

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    Great viz too. But I would rather go skiing I guess i'm spoiled to be 2hrs away from caves.


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