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    Default Pumping sewage underground is illegal. St. Pete wants it legal.


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    Hmm.... :-(

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    We just saw the film "The Post" and I told my two college-age children this country still needs its free press! (And no, I'm not talking about the fake news jive.)
    The Tampa Bay Times used to be The St. Petersburg Times, which was and perhaps still is one of the top ten papers in the country and likely Florida's best. (Even over the Miami Herald.)
    Having grown up mostly in the Tampa Bay area, this is yet another example of too many people living in one geographic area. Taking water out of the ground isn't bad enough, now some would like to "replace" it with "dirty" water....
    I sincerely hope we can get a handle on this because I hate to think what Florida might look like in 20 years or so.


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