Just curious about an apparent lack of attention being given on 12/30 and 12/31 to enforcing state policy on cave diving at Peacock. From what we could tell, the ranger on duty made no checks of C-cards or of buddy teams. On 12/31, my wife and I saw one person soloing underwater and interacted with a second diver at the surface who was probably going solo as well.

I'm not writing to express concern about solo diving. I've no desire to push anyone's hot buttons one way or the other. (For what it's worth, the solo diver we saw underwater was carrying a buddy bottle.) I just remember that Rick made a point of checking on such concerns and was wondering whether the policies had fallen into neglect.

To put this another way, why have policies without enforcement, apart from casting blame after the fact?

One other change to the Peacock protocols surprised us. (Note: it's been two years since we've been active at PSSP, due to a combination of work and family obligations and health issues.) While the diver sign-in sheets make sense, I was surprised about the relative lack of information being requested, compared to what we provide at Madison. Specifically, divers apparently aren't being asked to sign in as individuals and to sign out upon exiting.

Any comments?