Madison Blue Springs State Park needs our help.#

The first magnitude spring at Madison Blue Springs State Park is a popular spot for swimming and cave diving. About 82 feet wide, 25 feet deep, and a 150-foot spring-run merging with the river, the spring bubbles up into a limestone basin along the west bank of the Withlacoochee River. Voted the #1 swimming hole in the country by USA Today in 2015, Madison Blue Springs State Park is a family favorite destination and a fantastic place to spend the day.

The stairs and deck at the headspring are over 20 years old and years of frequent flooding has severally deteriorated the structure. These steps are in such disrepair the state is considering closing this access to the spring due to safety concerns. The combined expense of hurricane Irma and the purchase of Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park has left the state with little funds to rebuild the steps and deck. The North Florida Springs Alliance has volunteered to take on this project and replace the steps and deck to ensure safe and easy access to the spring for future visitors.

The#NFSA is sponsoring a fund-raising raffle for a new Dive Right HP50 Combo canister/handheld dive light and a Halcyon Custom Evolve doubles package to help raise funds for the project.#The suggested donation is $10 per chance toward the light or doubles system. Each multiple of $10 will increase your chances of winning.#

You can go to# make donations for a chance to win or simply to support the NSFA with these park projects in the future. Nestle has offered to match any private donations up to $3,500.00 for this project. #All donations are tax deductible.#The drawing will be held March 17, 2018.

The North Florida Springs Alliance at 3631 201st Path, Live Oak, FL#32060 is a 501(3) c non-profit organization. You do not have to be present to win. Shipping of the prize is the responsibility of the winner.

The project is scheduled to start in early February 2018. If you would like to volunteer your time to help with the project you can contact RB Havens, Director at Large via email at:

The NFSA greatly appreciates the generous support of#Dive Rite, Nestle, Halcyon, Dr. Siddiqi, The International Board of Undersea Medicine and#all of our members and volunteers for supporting this project!