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    IA Local 2: At first I wondered if this was somehow connected to some old Staten Island Italian "brotherhood" thing -- or perhaps a Chicago union thing. Glad to hear that it was just an Andrew type situation and that you're okay, being hard-headed and all....
    Missing our diving though so let me know when you'd like to hang out sometime.
    from IA Local 600

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    Glad you weren't hit by plastic projectiles. Had a battery explode in a confined space in 99. I was so fortunate not to lose an eye. Picked out tiny pieces that kept surfacing for a year.
    Amazing how fast things can go so wrong.

    If cave diving were Star Wars, who would be Yoda?

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    I had an early tekna ('85?) that created enough gas / pressure during a dive to launch the charge port plug into the air a bit when you unscrewed it.


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