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    Default Recommendations For Carolina Diving

    Looking to put a trip together for a few buds this summer.

    What shops/boats would you recommend? Any tips for a first time in that area?


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    What type of diving are you looking for... here are a couple options (I worked on the boats in this area post college.... phenominal diving, a secret gem of the atalantic)

    Olympus Dive Center, Morehead City... they usually run 2 boats off shore, typically around 20 divers on a trip. Boat rides are 1.5-2hrs and dives are 100-130' depths... pretty much all wrecks.. real ones! Spearfishing, artifact recovery, etc... all allowed. Great customer service, nitrox on tap, live aboards available, great boats. Olympus also has a nice bunk house accross the street.. super cheap accomodations if you are looking for a budget friendly trip.

    want to spend a little extra and go "tech" charter? Try the Atlantis IV (I think... google Atlantis morehead city or beaufort NC). These guys run high end 6pk charter.. pretty much a private charter, you can schedule the boat and fill it. They will go where ever you want and they are deco friendly. The run a large hataras style sport fishing yacht vs. Olympus runs a oil rigs crew boat.

    Its been a few years since I've been back there so I'm not sure what changes may have taken place since then... one thing is for sure, the diving is world class, especially during the summer when water temps are in the 80's and viz is in the 80-100' range

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    www.discoverydiving.com If you're looking for Morehead City diving

    www.aquaticsafaris.com if you're looking for Wilmington.

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    What type and level of diving and what location?

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    Hatteras: Under Pressure with Captain JT Barker.

    Awesome diving, awesome boat.

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    If you're going out of Morehead City, NC / Atlantic Beach, NC then I'd recommend Tortuga Charters (http://tortugacharters.net). Small six-pack boat, great captain. Atlantis Charters mentioned above is another good option

    I don't recommend ever using Discovery Diving but that's another story for another day.

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    Thanks everyone for your responses, some good info.

    I haven't chosen a specific location chosen yet, I would like to start going there annually/semi-annually and am trying to get feel for what the options are.

    The first trip would primarily be geared towards wrecks, preferably shallower than 150, and in an area where the conditions are a little more favorable.

    The other trips I'd like to see anything that you guys think is worthwhile.


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    Again it depends on what you are looking to do. If it is inland, then I would suggest the Cooper River for fossil hunting. If you are looking for some rec / technical diving, then I would suggest Lake Jocassee. You can walk in and within a short distance hit over 200’. Bill at Off the Wall Scuba runs a fantastic boat and shop.

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